Big changes coming to Biddle Farms

Wendy SmithFarragut, The Farragut Insider

All you can see right now at the new Biddle Farms development is a lone Aldi store. But there’s much more to come, and no one’s more excited about the new town center than developer Budd Cullom. The Farragut native is looking forward to presenting the mix of shops, restaurants, housing and green space to his hometown.

“This is going to be, by far, the best-looking thing that’s ever happened in Farragut. That’s my goal.”

Budd Cullom

While Aldi is the only building currently under construction, the infrastructure for the retail area is nearly complete. Aldi is expected to open at the end of June, and the site plan for the remaining commercial space will go before Planning Commission in the coming weeks. Once it’s approved, construction drawings and permitting for other shops and restaurants can begin, and construction could start in the fall.

Cullom is mum about specific tenants, but interest in the space has been high, he says. An excellent mixture of shops and restaurants are planning to come aboard, and over half are locally owned. He plans to build out the site all at once and rent to tenants, although one local restaurant chain may opt to build its own space.

Having a public green space with restaurants nearby will be a first for Farragut.

“Two restaurants will be adjacent to the town square (greenspace), so it will be perfect for events.”

It’s been a labor of love to bring the Biddle Farms project to fruition, he says. There have been approximately 25 public meetings, as well as a myriad of construction issues due to the pandemic, including skyrocketing construction costs.

Construction on the development’s 286 apartment units is expected to begin in mid to late summer. Another housing opportunity that will be available at Biddle Farms is townhomes. There was a piece of property at the site that Cullom thought would be commercial, but Alderman Ron Pinchok asked him to consider townhomes instead. Cullom hired a real estate broker who assured him that there was a strong market for townhomes in Farragut. The units are still in the planning stage, but prices are expected to start at $650K.

“I still believe, in my heart of hearts, that this will be a phenomenal project for the town and everybody,” he says.

With the addition of townhomes, Biddle Farms will offer residents something they’ve never had before – the opportunity to come home, park the car and walk to shopping, dining and public open space. It’s a lifestyle that’s never been available before in Farragut. Like Cullom, I think it will be a hit.

Town of Farragut marketing and public relations coordinator Wendy Smith is your reliable Farragut insider.

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