‘Bee’ a volunteer

Jay FitzOur Town Outdoors

The University of Tennessee is hosting events on Tuesday, June 20, 2023, in support of pollinators. Locally, the event is at UT Gardens, Knoxville, at 5:30 p.m. Others events are in Jackson and Crossville.

“Garden Buzz” supports pollinator health. The goal is education about the importance of pollinators and to encourage people to plant locally grown plants that attract pollinators.

It is organized by the UT Bee Campus Committee, a group comprised of UT faculty, staff and students, in partnership with the Tennessee Valley Authority and UT Gardens. Ahh, it sounds somehow sinister. Don’t tell DeSantis.

Jennifer Tsuruda, assistant professor and apiculture specialist, said, “Whether you have a green thumb or need some help with keeping plants alive, this event will help Tennesseans support pollinators, which themselves help support Tennesseans through pollination of food crops and home gardens, and the production of honey – we all win!”

Garden Buzz is free to attend. Info here.


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