And eat those veggies!

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Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs helped deliver Mobile Meals on Tuesday when much of the county was shut down. He posted this picture on Twitter and tweeted:

“What makes #KnoxCounty great? Folks like these @KnoxMobileMeals. Volunteers who brave bad weather to help their neighbors. #VolunteerSpirit.”

Mobile Meals delivers a hot lunch and a quick hello to more than 900 home-bound seniors Monday through Friday and on Christmas and Thanksgiving. Home-delivered meals help the very old and frail continue to live independently in their own homes.

Meals are funded by recipients, through state and federal grants or by United Way. Volunteers are needed for deliveries.

Bet folks were surprised when Mayor Jacobs delivered their lunch on Tuesday. And I’m sure no one balked when he asked them to eat those veggies.

Get tweets from the mayor at @GlennJacobsTN.

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