12 tech startups to compete

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The National Association of Realtors has announced the 12 companies that will participate in the Innovation, Opportunity & Investment (iOi) Summit’s ”Pitch Battle” competition from September 28-29 in Los Angeles.

Each entrant will conduct a live, 4-minute pitch on their product or service, followed by a 4-minute rapid-fire question-and-answer session from a panel of judges. Contestants are tasked with making a compelling case about their new tech innovations or services that are intended to improve the real estate industry. Meet the 12:

  • Agently: Brokerages spend $2 billion annually to recruit agents and compensate for turnover. Agently will help agents kickstart their career by providing daily guidance and tools by offering accessibility and result-driven action plans.
  • Arx: Will underwrite millions of properties in advance, allowing the professional to cut through the noise and focus on the properties that have the best potential.
  • CubiCasa: With zero training required and a five-minute property scan from almost any phone, CubiCasa’s computer vision technology produces a reliable and accurate floor plan and property data, bringing a home to life.
  • Fractional: A social platform that enables people to co-own and manage investment real estate.
  • Inspectify: Connects real estate professionals and home buyers with qualified inspectors to provide reassurance their homes are safe.
  • Pacaso: Improves second-home ownership for buyers and communities by making buying more affordable and efficient – a win for luxury home buyers.
  • Prisidio: A simple, mobile and secure way to store important information in a cloud-based vault.
  • RentBase: Will help residential real estate agents succeed in any economic environment by connecting agents with a bird’s-eye view of their landlords, listings and leads.
  • Residently: Renting a home should be as convenient and stress-free as possible for tenants and landlords. We solve the biggest problem: the inability to plan ahead.
  • Revive: A home renovation consultant. Homeowners can strategically repair and renovate their homes before selling to increase their net gains.
  • Stake: Stake redefines investing in real estate by aligning incentives between residents and owner operator groups that are driven by residents’ actions.
  • Symba: Symba makes financial well-being easy for real estate agents, with a platform that combines customer relationship management with embedded banking.

The winner will receive $15,000, a booth at NAR’s annual conference in November (NAR NXT) and will present the next Pitch Battle winner at iOi 2023.

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