Farragut municipal election results

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Town of Farragut voters have spoken and the results of the nonpartisan 2022 Farragut Municipal Election have been tabulated. This year, the offices of mayor and one alderman from each of Farragut’s two wards were on the ballot. The election won’t be certified until Aug. 18, but here are the unofficial results:

For the office of mayor, incumbent Mayor Ron Williams won with 50.73% of the vote. Candidate Bill Johns was second with 49.27% of the vote. A total of 3,974 votes were cast.

For the office of Ward 1 alderman (residences north of Kingston Pike), incumbent Alderman Scott Meyer won with 44.84% of the vote. Candidate Adam Atherton was second with 30.72% of the vote, and candidate Jim Hill was third with 24.44% of the vote. A total of 1,706 votes were cast.

For the office of Ward 2 alderman (residences south of Kingston Pike), David White won with 53.9% of the vote. Candidate Marty Layman was second with 46.1% of the vote. A total of 1,794 votes were cast.

The Town of Farragut congratulates these newly-elected officials!

Mayor addresses charges of campaigning within Town Hall

In response to an online video that purports to show Farragut Mayor Ron Williams campaigning inside Farragut Town Hall, he has issued this statement:

Ron Williams

“I was at Farragut Town Hall, where I have an office, on Friday, July 15. I went to Town Hall to sign checks and pick up my mail. As I was leaving the office, I spoke to Marianne McGill, who was serving as Hall Monitor for the polling place, then walked toward the back door to leave. On my way out, I saw a neighbor in line to vote, and I asked about his wife, who has health issues. He pointed out that she was sitting on a bench in the rotunda, as she was not able to stand in line. I then asked her if she needed assistance and she stated she did, so I went back to get Marianne and then left Town Hall. As the Hall Monitor, Marianne assisted my neighbors so they could vote without waiting.”

McGill, who also knows the couple, verified the mayor’s statement. As Hall Monitor, her role at the polling place was to make sure there were no obstructions to voting, she said. That includes ensuring an orderly line and providing assistance to anyone who needs it, like mothers of small children, people with medical conditions and the elderly.

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